Reasons to choose office 365 as your service provider

As we know that a cloud service provider is crucial for any business to succeed in various ways, therefore it is essential to select the most appropriate one for your business. While choosing the right cloud services for your business you must always keep in mind the price, reliability and also the stability of the service provider.Office 365 is the most popular cloud service provider being used by various service providers because of the following reasons:

  • Ease of use

The uncomplicated  web user interface offered by office 365 servicesallows you the comfort of adding new users, adding storage and much more even if you do not have much knowledge in IT.

  • Security of data is ensured

The data centers of Microsoft provide with the best protection and therefore office 365 ensures that your data is in safe hands.

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers


  • Quick recovery from disaster

Disasters, whether natural or man made are vulnerable to all businesses. The growth of your business is harmed by the data lost in such disasters. Due to the advanced architecture of office 365, it offers a redundancy in data by storing it at various data centers thus making your data disaster proof.

  • Software Updates can be easily managed

If office 365 is your managed service provider, then you need not worry about personally managing the software updates. All of the necessary softwareslike  Microsoft Office Professional, Exchange, SharePoint,  Lync and others that are included in the subscription are automatically updated without costing you anything.

  • Mobile access

The services offered by Office 365, gives you the opportunity of accessing your documents from anywhere even with your smartphone or tablet.


Why use IT Managed Service Providers?

When it comes to managing IT issues, many businesses choose their internal departments. But, there are various undeniable advantages that an IT managed service provider has to offer. Unlike  internal IT departments, IT managed service providers have advanced set of tools and skills that can solve IT related issues more quickly and also quite effectively. They don’t just focus to fix the issue as early as possible, but also gain access to an extent of information that can prove useful to the company. The points below will provide you with an answer for why you should be choosing IT managed services for your IT issues.

Managed Service Providers are efficient: since the IT managed service company have specific set of tools and particular skills, they can easily track the IT issues and fix them immediately. The efficiency of these service providers is a plus point that prompts any business to employ the use of managed services. Any IT issue can be instantly tracked and corrected instantly if managed services are used.

Less downtime and negligible risk: when a business employs the services of a proficient IT managed company, most potential problems are hindered before they even occur. This is all because of the skills and superior tool sets available with the IT managed service providers. This in turn results into a reduced downtime.

Provide with important and advantageous data: managed service providers constantly keep a check on thefiles, network, bandwidth and database  of their clients. This entire information is stored and therefore enabling the clients to check this data anytime they want. This information can be further used by them  to analyze trends and make better decisions.

Provides custom dashboards: the IT managed service providers offers a client portal where all historical data is stored, the clients are also given an access to this portal.  These portals or dashboards are customizable to suit the requirement of every individual in that particular business. For instance the chief of the business would like to be indicated on his dashboard when anything goes wrong in the system.

Give periodic reviews: IT managed service providers provide their clients with periodic reviews to let them know where the system can go wrong and how to prevent the IT issues.the service providers carefully monitor the system at all times and also help their clients in understanding the issues they can likely cause and how to avoid those problems.


Private Cloud Hosting in Nutshell

The term private cloud can be defined as individually owned hardware infrastructure which facilitates the organization to create a virtual working environment. Private clouds are basically built by organizations that operate on worldwide arena, because a privately held cloud service ensures that the organization doesn’t have to make any compromises with recourses.  The expense of building a cloud service hosting is very high that is the main reason why small and medium scale organizations basically go for shared cloud hosting or remote cloud desktop hosting. The privately held clouds though are expensive but they offer significant advantages over their public counterparts, in a public cloud N number of virtual machines compete neck to for resource sharing but if an organization has its own privately held cloud infrastructure this situation will never arise.

All major cloud infrastructure deployments are mainly made within organizations own premises, both pre and post installation requires experienced staff as the hardware required for building VOIP cloud services of any other type of cloud service is very expensive and difficult to deploy. If you are running a small business and want to avail your own personal cloud desktop hosting space then don’t worry as today many IT managed service provider are also offering affordable and reliable cloud services.

Hardware platform used for building cloud infrastructure is special; it includes highly durable high performance servers that allow resources to run virtual machines round the clock without any interruption. In nutshell the entire installation of cloud is covered under SAN (storage area network).  The role of SAN is very crucial in the entire cloud system life cycle. The data can be stored, retrieved and accessed by authenticated users from any corner of this world.

Private cloud can have either shared or dedicated network switching running in the back end, but a public cloud will always have a shared network switching running at the back end. Dedicated switches are a must requirement for organizations that have complex network. Further a shared resource sharing environment reduces the overall cost without making any compromises with applications performance. A typical cloud platform basically provides one backup server i.e. (N+1) to ensure instant recovery in case of failure of main server.

Whichever option you choose to go with it is essential that you must monitor your bandwidth usage and login session logs. These solutions must be opted depending on your organizations usability.

Switching from conventional distributed network to IT managed service offers countless benefits to organizations that want to want to extend their limits, without worrying about shrinking resources and day to day maintenance. By coupling with an IT managed service provider, organizations can excel in every wake of their business.