All about Managed IT services

Necessity of Managed IT Services for your business

If you rely on your internal IT departments for taking care of your business’s IT problems, this might lead to huge and disastrous data loss.  Since the internal business department might not be unprepared and outdated in the technologies they use, your business suffering with this kind of unnecessary interruption is unable to recover.  This is one of the main reasons to hire good Managed IT service providers. The cost effectiveness provided with these services is another advantage of these services. After hiring the services of a leading IT service provider, it becomes their responsibility to monitor and cater every single requirement of your enterprise’s IT sector.

Why Hire Managed IT service providers?

Several reasons for hiring managed IT service providers include:

  1. They make use of advanced software, latest backup systems and a vast storage capacity required for your business.
  2. They maintain and manage the internal network of the business and keeps you updated regarding each important patch and revision.
  3. Opting for these services can lead to reliable, stable and secure business operations.
  4. On hiring the managed services you can utilize a dedicated server and also the expertise of a skilled web administrator team.

The IT managed services are economical

When you hire a Managed IT service provider, all you need to pay is the fixed monthly fee that encompasses every functions, issues, maintenance related to the IT department of your business. You will not have to employ a separate staff for monitoring the IT department. You will not have to pay for the latest infrastructure and software required to smoothly run your business. The professional team of the IT service providers will manage every kind of hardware and software issues and keep the entire system updated.


VoIP PBX services offer cost effective solutions

The VoIP, or voice over internet protocol services are commonly used as a communication tool among small businesses and home office professionals. The main reason for the popularity of hosted VoIP PBX service providers are the innovative communication features along with the cost effective solutions they provide. The communications needs of a business are resolved in a highly professional way by these providers, helping them to grow in every field.

Local as well as long distance business calls are made at economical rates when using VoIP enabled hosted PBX phone system. This leads to a minimized telephone billing with these services. Virtual phone numbers are also provided by the VoIP service provider by virtue of which a business owner can open his business branch in any place, having an internet access, without having to invest in additional physical infrastructure.
All the features offered by the VoIP PBX services can be easily utilized without setting up any costly equipment and thus saving enough money. Most of the service providers make use of the already existing hardware and also provide their own hardware if required. They make use of broadband internet or telephone networks to provide the PBX facilities.  They have fixed monthly charges for giving all these services.
Different types of call handling features are offered by the hosted VoIP PBX telephone system including auto attendant, call conferencing, voice mail, voice to email, fax to email, caller ID, call forwarding and various others. These features enable to maintain an UN-interfered communication with your customers and clients even at remote locations.



Managed IT Services Offer Strong Cyber Security Mechanism

These days businesses, instead of having a separate branch to manage the IT issues, opt for hiring well reputed managed IT services. These services save enough of time as well as money of the users. Besides all that, the managed IT services offer a strong cyber security ensuring that the business data and the devices used in the IT environment are safe.Many businesses go with hosted service providers for employing outsourced IT services. Not only are these services a cost effective measure for managing their IT environmentbut also offer tailored security solution to the IT needs of the business. Reputed IT service providers cover:-

Intrusion detection:

Intrusion detection management is the most important aspect of all security services offered by any managed service provider.This particular system can monitor every computer system connected to a server in the enterprise and secure them against any breaches. The processes it involves include the monitoring of system and user activity as well as tracking of user policy breaches.

Firewall management:

Firewall management is another important aspect offered in managed security services. It safeguards the business network from unethical activities and also protects the enterprise’s intranet from being hacked. The firewall screens various outside requests and also make sure that these come from trustworthy sources. The login process is also made authentic able by the firewall management.

Virus protection:

Different anti-virus/spyware software is utilized by managed IT security services to cover up the virus protection. These anti-virus programs search for in fectors, worms and viruses in the computer drives and disks of the business and destroy them before they cause any harm to the personal files and data in the computer.

Cloud Hosting Services Offers Everything for Everyone

Cloud hosting services have proved useful to every kind of businesses whether small or big. The gap between the users and the locations of his data and resources has been minimized because of these hosting services, which allow him to access this information from any place at any time very easily. Typically, acloud computing makes use of internet for every computing need of a business.  Ideally, businesses will only need their own devices and connectivity to the internet while the rest of things including data, software, application, storage, networking and others will be made available by the cloud service provider.

The three basic services that are generally offered by cloud service providers include:

IAAS- Infrastructure as a Service: all the basic infrastructural needs including the virtual machines, server, storage house, and various others that are required by the user to access any stored data or website.

SAAS- Software as a Service:  this service provides a full fledged access to required softwares directly through the cloud, eliminating the need of personally installing them.

PAAS- Platform as a Service: this service offers the platform required to use the arranged infrastructure and software. This includes operating system, programming language execution environment, database and the web server.
Besides these basic services, there are unlimited other services offered by a cloud service provider for the convenience of the user. For instance STaaS (Storage as a Service) that can provide with a large number of storage space or SECaaS (Security as a Service)  that can provide high end security to your data. And a variety of others that has a definite constraint and a model for the different types of work.

Hosted VoIP PBX – Enjoy a Powerful Web-based User Interface

For small business organizations and home offices, a reliable telecommunication system is one of the important aspects required to achieve success. Hosted VoIP PBX services is a great choice for such systems as it provides a powerful web base user interface that too at a very low price. The VoIP PBX system includes advanced business-grade calling features along with various basic functionalities of a phone system to help businesses stay connected with every employee.

The web-based configuration can be easily managed

You can easily customize the web-based user interface of hosted VoIP PBX according to your business requirements. If in future you need to include the additional extensions and branch office trunks, you can easily do that via the easily manageable IP interface. Besides adding new employees, VoIP PBX services also allow you to prioritize your callers, view the call details and listen and delete your voice mail.

The On-site equipment is not complex

The hosted VoIP PBX system is advantageous for your business as this service lets you stay connected with your customers and remote employees during the business and non-business hours. Your clients and mobile employees would just need and internet connection link with the main phone system. You can set up this communication system easily without having to maintain any complex on-site equipment and networks in your office. However, the service providers can set up the essential infrastructure at your office premises.

Small businesses are enabled to control the communication of their businesses efficiently by using a hosted VoIP PBX at a reduced cost. This service ensures an uninterrupted communication by offering the facility of forwarding calls to conference rooms, voice mail boxes, and others.